Currently – January Edition



We are halfway through January and I am having a very lazy weekend!  We have watched far too much Netflix and have done a whole lot of nothing else.  Well…actually, that’s not entirely true. I have managed sneak in Pilates workout and I started a little sewing project.  I am not the most crafty person ever, but every once in a while I catch the crafting bug.  If it all goes well I will have a cute little DIY kindle case.  We also went to church.  Sooo I guess I haven’t been completely lazy. ;)

Anyway, enough of my weekend.  Here are my January Currently’s.

Currently Watching

We just finished catching up on Arrow at the beginning of the month and glad there is a new episode next week!  But we also just finished the last season and episode of Bones yesterday on Netflix – Nnooooo!!  So now we have to figure out what to watch next.  Decisions, decisions…

Also, my husband accidentally signed us up for Amazon Prime so I can tell you right now I will soon be binge watching Downton Abbey.  I just have to find time to watch it on my own since my husband isn’t exactly crazy about it. :)

Currently Reading

“Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” by J.K. Rowling.  I am really, really hoping to finish this book this weekend.  Mikey bought me the next book for Christmas so I’m looking forward to that.  With our trip coming up so soon I might wait to read it until then, that way I can guarantee I’ll have something good to read, but we’ll see if I can hold out that long.  :)

Also, I kinda, sorta finished “A Woman’s Walk with God – Growing in the Fruit of the Spirit” by Elizabeth George.  I hate to admit this – but I skimmed the last part of the book.  When it came time to check the book out again for what would be the 3rd time, I knew that it just wasn’t going to happen.  So, yes, I skimmed.  But all in all, it was a good read.

Currently Making/Baking

Don’t judge me…I bought Wal-Mart brand pre-made cookie dough, less than $2.00.  I was thinking since it wasn’t Pillsbury or Toll House that the cookies would be subpar, but I was wrong and they were delicious!  Definitely not in the healthy category.  I caved in a moment of weakness – delicious, delicious weakness and worth every penny. :)

Current Obsession

Getting ready for our CRUISE!!  We made the final payment for our cruise last month, booked our flights, and booked our hotel.  We are just getting all the little details in place and making sure we have all the Caribbean clothes and items we need.  The waiting part is the worst!  I found a really awesome website which gives you all sort of insider information and tips at  I can’t stop reading the forums!  Any question you can thinking of and someone has the answer to it, it’s really great.

But also while I’m waiting I’m determined to get into even better shape.  I’m proud of myself for being consistent with my workouts, but since I’m going on a trip where I will be wearing my swimsuit half the time, I need to step up my game a bit.  After looking up different Pilates workouts, I found Blogilates Youtube channel.  She is amazing and I’m already feeling pretty sore, so that’s great!

Well, my dears, that’s all for now.  I hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday!


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