2021 Summer Bucket List – Recap!

I realize the timing of this post could be better (like, a month ago, ha), but I know you’ve just been on the edge of your seat waiting to know what we did this summer ;) This summer ended up being another strange one for us. We are in a time of what feels like a major transition in our family (more on that another time) so we didn’t do quite as many things as I had planned for this summer…and that’s ok.

So while we only got to maybe half our list, we still made the most of it! Here’s everything we checked off…

Food & Drink

  • Make cherry pie bars

Yes! I finally made these! These were on my Pinterest board for far too long without trying it. I personally still prefer classic cherry pie, but it’s fun to switch it up.

  • Make peach cobbler

No picture, sadly. I made these last month and unfortunately used a different recipe. The peach filling tasted good, but it didn’t turn out like what I’m used to. I’ll just have to make it again using the right recipe. :)

  • Have a BBQ

Yes! We bought a grill! No pictures to show on this one either, but we made burgers, salmon, ribs, and so much more. We were very happy.

  • Make a cheesecake

Yes! My husband’s birthday lands during the summer and he loves cheesecake. I used a classic cheesecake recipe and topped it with chopped Ferrero Rocher chocolates and drizzled it with chocolate sauce. It was delicious! Again, no picture. I am really not very good at food photography and the picture didn’t look appetizing, so I’m sparing you. I promise it tasted good!

Out & About

  • Go to a farmers market

Yes! I honestly didn’t think we were going to make it to one again this year, but we did! It was a small market, but it was fun to get out and buy local, fresh fruit and goodies. This is where I bought the peaches to make the cobbler. It was pretty fun!

  • Visit a new park

Yes! There is small park a short drive from where we live that we had never been before. We went back a couple times since it was so close. :)

  • Try a new restaurant

Yes! I mentioned in my last post that we were introduced to a modern French bakery close by. We love it!

  • Go to a splash pad

Yes! We actually went to a couple different splash pads. I was so relieved they were open this year! It was fun to run around, dry off, and then head out for ice cream after. Pretty much the perfect way to spend any summer afternoon.

Fun in the Sun

  • Have a water balloon fight

Yes! No picture to show for it, but we had a big family get together and all the cousins got to have a big water balloon fight. Super fun!

  • Plant flowers

Yes! Thank you to my sweet neighbor friend, she had given me her extra flowers that she didn’t have room enough to plant. I ended up filling a few planters I had laying around and put them on my deck to enjoy. They lasted through most of the summer. Sadly, it got so hot outside that they scorched toward the end of summer. Poor flowers. I definitely plan to plant more next year.

While it’s too late to take a picture of them now, you can see a tiny glimpse of one little flower pot in the background (plus who doesn’t want to see a picture our sweet Kahlua : ).

Rain or Shine

  • Pajama movie night

Yes! This is an easy given, because every Friday is technically pajama movie night for us :)

  • Play a new board game

Yes! Ok, well, it’s a card game, but we got Gryffin the “Eye Found it” Disney game.

He’s really good at it and beats us half the time!


That wraps up what we did this summer! Some of the things on the list that didn’t get done were out of sheer laziness, while others didn’t because, quite honestly, I became really sick at the end of summer and just couldn’t get to everything I had hoped for. There’s always next year, right?!

I do plan to do a Fall Bucket List, so stay tuned for that!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Fall so far!

Much Love,