1. I love bubbles, whether it’s blowing them or bathing in them, they make me happy.

2. I’ve been on two cruises (you can read about our first one here!).

3. I do get pretty seasick on cruise ships, however, put me on a small boat and I’m just fine.  Go figure!

4. I had a 2-month obsession with Disney World.  I spent hours upon hours planning a perfect trip, down to almost every detail, with no plans of actually going (yet!).

5. I would be so happy If I could get paid to vacation…I mean…travel.

6. I have vowed to never have a cat again, even though I love them.

7. I am one of the few people that can actually mess up making brownies from a box, but funny enough I’ve made an amazing cheesecake from scratch…go figure!

8. I am both proud and horrified that I died my hair black one summer.

9. I am a girly girl.  I love pink, love ballet, and hate bugs.

10. I love wedding dresses, so much so I wish I could buy another one.

11. I try to avoid escalators (I imagine falling down them every time I get on one).

12. It could be 80 degrees outside and still be cold.

13. I feel like I have an attention span of 2 year old at times. 

14. I am an introvert.

15. Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers is one of my favorite books of all time.

16. I am addicted to Pinterest! (Who isn’t right?!) You can follow me here. 

17. Ballet was a huge part of my life growing up – 8 years of it.  I love it and miss it like crazy.

18. People inspire me.  I’m afraid at times I feel like such a copy cat, but really if I see you doing something I think is pretty cool I want to try it too!

19. I find that I am most awake between 10:00 and 10:30 in the morning.  I could nap at any given time the rest of the day

20.  I would like to try a hot yoga class.

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