Currently – March 2018

Happy Easter!  This post was supposed to go up yesterday (yep, same story every time!), but I still wanted to get this up so here it goes!  This past month has been a fun one!  If you’ve read my previous posts you know that our baby turned 1!   I spent this month planning his party and just soaking him in as much as I could on the weekends.  Since that was the big event of the month, and year so far, I honestly don’t have too much extra to share, so I’ll jump right in!

Currently Watching

YouTube!  In order to make cleaning the kitchen and doing dishes more bearable I turn on YouTube and rotate through the channels I follow.  Here are my top 3 favorites

1 – Kathryn Morgan

I found Kathryn’s channel somehow through Facebook a couple years ago.  There was a ballet barre routine she had filmed and after watching it I was hooked.  This also began my journey back to dance.  Through watching her channel and doing her barre routines and exercises I gained the strength and confidence to join an adult ballet and lyrical class a couple summers ago.  After having a baby I haven’t done much dancing, but I continue to follow her videos and absolutely love her.  I would honestly to love to meet her in person.

2 – Brianna K

I found Bri through searching YouTube videos for working mom routines.  She was one of the very, very few that had a channel and worked full-time outside the home. I’m not going to lie, there aren’t a lot of channels out there of moms who do this and I have seriously contemplated starting my own just to get more support out there.  I feel like after having a baby and working full time outside the home I have a lot of advice to offer.

*Side note – she now works from home and travels, but I highly recommend her channel!

3 – Blair Lamb/Blair Blogs

I honestly can’t remember how I found Blair – Pinterest maybe?  I first started reading her blog and was following along there when she started to post YouTube videos.  She does a lot of everyday and weekend Vlogs.  She’s down to earth and someone I feel like I could be friends with.  It’s nice because a lot of her videos consist of cleaning, dishes, cooking, etc. so it’s like I have someone doing the same thing right there with me.

Currently Reading

Simply Clean by Becky Rapinchuk.  It definitely has me rethinking the way I spend my time cleaning.  Her routine consists of cleaning for 10 minutes every day.  I was pretty skeptical when I read the title, but after listening to the audio book, I realize her way actually might work for me.  You obviously can go deeper and spend more time in each area, and her book goes into that as well.  In the end I think I will definitely be implementing her techniques – at least to some extent.

I also finished reading “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman.  I went into a little more detail on this in my February Recap.

Currently Making/Baking

Confetti cupcakes!  Between lack of time and patience we ended up special ordering a smash cake for Gryffin’s birthday.  However, I did end up making cupcakes for everyone else and they were delicious!

Current Obsession

Oriental Trading Company!  I don’t actually think I can say it’s an obesession, but we had been planning Gryffin’s 1st birthday party and they had the exact party supplies and decorations we were looking for at amazing prices!  We originally were looking on Amazon but I am so glad I remembered Oriental Trading Co. because they beat Amazon’s prices.  I got the box in the mail and the quality of the products exceeded my expectations.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I hope you all had a wonderful and happy Easter!

Much Love,