Peace- the story of my week.  For once I haven’t felt the dread of going into work or thinking if one more thing comes up I’m gonna scream.  This week has been a breath of fresh air!  But let me tell you, it has everything to do with putting all my worry in Gods hands.

I’m reading the book “A Confident Heart” Renee Swope.  In this book she incredibly describes just how worrying and stressing about everything is completely fruitless.  She quotes Max Lucado in his book “Come Thirsty” and this is what it says (I can’t help but share):

~40% of what we worry about never happens (SO true!)

~ 30% of what we worry about is in regards to the past and cannot be changed (most definitely true)

~ 12% is our focus on what others think about us, which we can’t control (mmmmhmmm)

~ 10% is placed on our personal health, in turn worsens when we worry (ha!)

~8% is concern of real problems in which we can influence the outcome.

8 PERCENT!!!!  Seriously, think about it!  I made a list and came to the shocking realization that she is right.

Here’s what changed my week.  I ran to God with my new found knowledge and said “help”.   I committed my day to Him at the beginning of the day and I made a conscious decision to stay aware of my thoughts.  Every time a worry or a negative thought popped in my head I prayed and shoved it in Gods hands, practically saying “here you deal with it, I can’t handle it”.  If I was thinking of how situations could have been/be made worse “if” I was able to recognize that was a situation that hasn’t happened and stop thinking about it.  That alone made a difference.  The what ifs are the worst.

It is amazingly freeing to let go and let God.  Easier said than done at times but I had come to a point where I felt like I was losing myself completely because of the worry that was taking over my life.  I chose to let God handle it and let it go.  It’s a daily (sometimes minutely) conscious decision, but the result of giving your worries over to God  is so rewarding and sooo freeing!

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