Sometimes Breaks are Necessary

I’ve been a little absent and inconsistent with my blog lately. For as good as my intentions are to keep up with my once a week posting schedule it’s been pretty hard to do. I actually enjoy writing during my lunch breaks at work but I’ve been so busy that my breaks are often cut short or I’m too mentally drained to put anything down on paper…I guess screen in this case, hehe.  Sometimes it’s necessary to cut back in some areas so we can be successful in others.

We’re gearing up for the holidays at work and with that comes tons of logo apparel ordering and holiday party RSVP’s, not to mention the usual workflow which has increased as well.  I’m definitely not complaining, just explaining.

All this to say I am not giving up on my blog, just needing to take a small break until I can get through this month. Thanks for bearing with me on this.  I will back in the next couple weeks!

Much Love,


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