What’s In My Bag?

I have mentioned it before, but I like seeing what other people carry in their bag. Here’s what’s in mine!


I love a good deal. I bought this Nine West purse at Ross for $24.00. No, it’s not super fancy, but it works and I love it! It has the perfect amount of pockets and I find the size to be just right. It’s very easy to keep organized

Cell Phone

Can’t go anywhere without it! Especially while my little one is at daycare. I bought my phone case at Walmart and it’s done its job!


Again, can’t go anywhere without them…


My wallet is also a Nine West brand that I bought on sale during the last cruise we went on. I love it!

Some people buy refrigerator magnets as souvenirs, others buy Christmas ornaments…I like to buy accessories!

Hand Sanitizer

Any hand sanitizer will do, but Victoria’s Secret PINK Fresh & Clean is my favorite!

Lip Gloss

I rotate between different brands and shades, but NYX Lingerie gloss in Honeymoon is the current lip gloss in my bag.


Have you ever been out shopping to one of your favorite stores and then realized you left your coupons at home? I do this all the time! My purse has a zipper divider pocket right in the middle and it’s the perfect spot for these coupons. I go through often and throw out any that have expired.

Dog Waste Bags

Ok, what?! This actually makes a great ” mom hack”.

1 – I have a kid who gets car sick and these have come in handy.

2 – unexpected stinky diaper you had to change? Throw it in the bag and tie it up until you can throw it away in a garbage can without smelling up your whole car.

3 – you can use these for small wet clothing items

Feminine products

Not much explanation needed there. These go in the small peachy pink pouch. The pouch is one of my favorites that I got from Mary Kay back in the day when I used to sell it.

** What you will NOT find in my purse – Opened packaged snacks.

This became an official rule after I cleaned out my last purse. It’s hard when you have a small child who doesn’t always finish his snack but you don’t want to throw it out. My last purse was disgusting with all the crumbs. No more!!

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