Cookie Monster to the Rescue!

I’m taking a break from my Summer themed posts to give a shout to…that’s right…Cookie Monster!

There is a lot of problem solving you have to do on a day-to-day basis with a toddler. A lot of times you have to get creative and think outside the box. On more than one occasion I have used Cookie Monster to help me out.

I would seriously love to know how you have gotten creative with your kids and helped make a frustrating situation better!

Here’s how Cookie Monster has come to the rescue!

Cookie Monster Saves Diaper Change Meltdown!

Like most toddlers, Gryffin does not enjoy diaper changes. Smelling Gryffin a mile away I knew he needed a diaper change and I really didn’t want to chase him all over our house and struggle to get him to cooperate.

I look over and there is Cookie Monster with his big excited face just sitting there on the couch.

“Look Gryffin!, Cookie Monster is going to get his diaper changed too!”. I took Cookie Monster by the hand, put him on the changing mat, and put a diaper on him. Gryffin stared at him with a smile on his face and laughed. Sure enough, seconds later and Gryffin comes running over to the mat to get his diaper on too.

Phew, it worked!

Cookie Monster Saves Bedtime!

Gryffin is still going through a hard phase where he is afraid to be by himself in his room and it makes bedtime really difficult. He usually has a hard time falling asleep, and tosses and turns. While I’m there he would rather sit up in bed and talk and play.

At some point in time we brought Cookie Monster down to Gryffin’s room where he stays most of the time. I was having a really hard time getting Gryffin to settle down one night. I saw Cookie Monster sitting at the end of the bed and I pick him up.

“Hey Gryffin! Cookie Monster is up past his bedtime. Can you put him to bed? He needs to be under the blanket.” Gryffin laughed (ok, so it was more like a snort) but he thought it was pretty silly putting him to bed under the blanket.

“See how Cookie Monster is in bed? You need to be in bed too”. Sure enough, he crawled under the blanket too. He still took some time to fall asleep, but it was enough to calm him down and get him to lay in his own bed. Ha!

Cookie Monster Saves Drive Time!

Ok, so this doesn’t exactly have to do with Cookie Monster himself, but, have you heard to the Waze app? (This is totally not sponsored by the way!) It’s a navigation application and it will tell you the quickest route to your destination based on current traffic and any incidents that may have occurred on your way.

The best part about this app, is that it just so happens to have Cookie Monster’s voice as an option. He even celebrates with a cookie once you reach your destination. Gryffin loves it!

So, Cookie Monster, this post was for you! Thanks for having my back dude.

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