Currently – April Edition


Happy April!  My goodness am I happy to see spring!  I was starting to get a little scared when it snowed the day after Easter, but here we are in the first full week of April and we are having super sunny 75 degree weather.  Summer weather = happy Cami.

So here is what I’m currently up to…

Currently Watching

We finished watching Flashpoint (sad face) and now we are on to Alias.  I loved this show when it first came out, but my goodness, I forgot how cheesy it is sometimes!  We just have to laugh at certain lines like “This is all C4…I can tell because all these boxes say C4 on them!”  Haha, yep, brilliant guy right there. It’s fun though.

Currently Reading

“Life Management for Busy Women: Living Out God’s Plan with Passion & Purpose” by Elizabeth George.

OOooh boy, this is getting embarrassing.  But, hey, at least I’m halfway through! I’ve been dying to read this weekend, but now that we have nice weather it has “forced” me to go outside and work on our garden.  I really wouldn’t care too much about pulling weeds, but we currently rent a house in an HOA community and our house just so happens to be right next to the president of the committee.  So yeaahhh, no slacking allowed on our end.

My “want to read” list is getting larger so I really need to figure something out!  :)

Currently Making/Baking

My husband and I are back on track on our healthy eating plan (for the most part) and we’ve been experimenting with different things.  this month we decided to branch out and get almond milk, however, we didn’t just get plain almond milk, we got Almond Coconut Milk which is actually really yummy!  I don’t love how thick it is, so I don’t drink it straight, but it’s a great base for smoothies.  Thanks to the recipe on the back of the carton we’ve found a great healthy breakfast option.  So because it’s rather tasty I’m sharing the recipe:

1 cup Silk Almond Coconut Blend

2 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder

1 Tbsp almond butter (you can also use peanut butter)

1/4 tsp vanilla

½ small frozen banana (I personally prefer the banana soft, not frozen)

½ cup ice

Blend until smooth and enjoy!

Current Obsession

This candle called Joy + Laughter by Chesapeake Bay.  This candle, right here, smells amazing!  I mean, I seriously want to bathe in it.  I have it sitting on my nightstand and light it every night before bed.


My husband and I always stop by the candle section in Target because I can’t walk by without smelling at least one candle.  We’ve never noticed the Mind & Body collection before so naturally we start picking up each candle to see what it smelled like.  We kept picking one up and putting one back.  This one, however, I couldn’t take out of my hand.  The second I smelled this candle, there was no question about it, I needed this candle.  The candle states Cranberry Dahlia – the scent is really sweet but not overpowering.  Describing it to you just isn’t doing it justice, I highly, highly recommend getting yourself to Target and smelling them for yourself.

So that’s all for now.  I’m off to do some laundry and enjoy having all the windows open in the house…I might even pick up my book and read for a while. :)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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