Another End and a New Beginning



Happy New Year everyone!!

2015 was stocked full of blessings.  God has been so so good to us and has answered so many prayers – sometimes it almost feels too good to be true (I mean, do we really get to go on a cruise next month?!).  Sometimes it’s hard to relax in the goodness, because for so long it was so rough for us without my husband having a job and wonder how we were going to make it.  Being able to work away on our finances and not to have to worry about making ends meat has been a huge, huge blessing.

How We Rang In the New Year

I was able to get off work early, like 11:30 in the morning early, yay!  So I came home, grabbed Mikey and headed to lunch and then to spend some Christmas money.  We wanted somewhere cheap for lunch so we went to McDonald’s.  I don’t know why, but I love their little cheeseburger’s.  I’m guessing it doesn’t even have real meat in them, but whateve’s.

Mikey then wanted to go to the Comic Book shop, so we stopped there first.  I’m not into comic books at all (I don’t have anything against them, just not my thing), but since Mikey was going to the makeup store with me I was more than happy to let him take his time lol.  After browsing around we then headed to Ulta.

I don’t always like to spend my hard earned money on makeup that I’m not sure if I will like or not, so Christmas money is great, because I have absolutely no problem spending that!  Soooo, I got a bottle of dry shampoo that I have never tried before, new mascara, eye liners (buy one, get one free!), Jergen’s Natural Glow daily moisturizer, travel size IT cosmetics CC+ cream and then bonus!  I got a free gift of a travel size It’s a 10 leave-in conditioner, which I’ve used and love.  All in all, I would say it was a successful makeup run.  I’m excited to try it all out, especially the CC cream.

After the shopping we headed back home.  Some friends of ours were coming over so we ordered pizza from Pizza Pipeline- we got a Cheese to the 7th Power pizza and a Hawaiian Luau Extreme pizza.  The Hawaiian Luau was amazing, it has pulled pork, Canadian bacon, pineapple, and bacon pieces on top and extra cheese…YUM.

So our friends came over, we hung out, I played with their baby, we laughed and had a good time.  They ended up leaving early around 9:30 or so Mikey and I put on Arrow, which I ended up falling asleep through.  He woke me up 10 minutes before midnight where I had to fight to stay awake, we watched the ball drop, said Happy New Year, kissed and then I went to bed.


So yes,  that was the end of our 2015.  And now here we are in 2016.  I don’t know exactly what 2016 holds, we never really know what any year holds, but I do know this – I will take God’s “hand” and step into the new year.  I do have goals for the year, but really, I hope and pray that I will live a more meaningful life this year.

This year, I pray for boldness and confidence as I live my life out for Christ.  I pray that those around me will see Jesus.  I pray that all my life’s stresses won’t even be noticeable to me because I am so focused on God.

I pray that I will have fun and take time for friendship.

I pray that I will be a wife that continues to put God and my husband first, and that I will be a blessing and encouragement to him.

I pray that I will stop taking things for granted and count my blessings daily.

I pray that I will use my time wisely.


Along with those prayers, I am setting a couple goals for myself.  Nothing crazy with 10 things I want to accomplish, just 2 main goals and throwing in a third, just for fun.

1. Be more positive.

I tend to be a realist, but I err on the “glass-half-empty” side of the realism.  There’s more to this story, so it might just receive a post of its own.  But this is something I feel that I need to work on. :)

2.  Eat healthy.

I’m not talking of going on a strict Clean Eating or Paleo diet, I don’t have the time for that right now, but I would like to try incorporating a semi-clean diet, eat out less, eat more salads, plan my meals better.  I’ve been struggling with some health issues, which I’m sure my diet has played at least a small part in, so here’s to making better decisions.

3.  Take more pictures.

I hardly took any pictures at all this year and it bugs me I keep saying this every year!  So maybe, maybe this year will be the year I actually have pictures to show the world lol.  Might have to try one of those photography challenges.  We shall see.

So there you have it my dears.  I hope you all have a wonderful new year full of many, many blessings!


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