Currently – September Edition

Happy September!!  I can’t believe this summer is practically gone!  I’m usually a little sad when I turn the Calendar and say goodbye to August, but this year, I seem to be ok with it.

Since I took yet another 2 month break (I know, I know, I honestly thought I would be doing better at this), I decided to break my silence with another Currently Edition.  So here we go!

Currently Watching:

“When Calls the Heart”.  Thank you Netflix!  And thank you Hallmark for making such a happy, only slightly cheesy, tv show.  There is only 1 season, so that’s a little sad, but hopefully there will be more.  If you liked Downton Abbey, I have a feeling you would like this.  Go check it out!

Also, Rizzoli & Isles is still going, so that keeps me happy on Tuesday nights.

Currently Reading:

Harry Potter Book 3…actually 4.  I literally have just a couple pages left and I’m done with 3.  I realized I left book 4 in my drawer at work as soon as I got home.  Gah!  Good thing I can grab it tomorrow.  Love the books!  Obviously they are better than the movies, but I still can’t get over how well done the movies are.

Currently Making/Baking:

Tomato Basil Pasta.  Look it up on Pinterest (I might also try and post it on here sometime)!  Super Easy, it’s one of those one-pot meals and takes about 20 minutes to make, probably less.  It doesn’t call for it, but I add Italian Sausage to give it a little protein (in which case turns it into a 2 pot meal).

Current Obsession:

In my June “Currently” post, I mentioned I was obsessed with looking at cruise vacations.  Well…we ended up booking one and I’m SUPER excited!  I have everything planned as much as I can right now, just waiting until it gets closer to our travel dates to book our flights and hotel and what not.  So yeah, that obsession is still going strong.

Anywhosies – Speaking of that Tomato Basil Pasta, I need to get cracking on that.

Hope you all have had a wonderful first day of September!

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