Talk About Overrated



Being an adult is so overrated, and not to mention stressful.

I have a Financial aid deadline quickly approaching and need to turn in one last paper, but I needed answers before I could fill out the questions.  I wanted to burry my head.  I wanted my mommy.  I wanted someone to hold my hand and tell me they will take care of it, and not to worry my pretty little head.

But instead I had to pull on my big girl panties and face this challenge head on.

So I called my mama.  She had me talk everything out with her.  She prayed with me.  I called the financial aid office.  I felt a little better.

Then I called her again and what she had to say was exactly what I needed to hear.  She reminded me that if this is what God wants for me, then everything is going to fall into place and the timing will work itself out.

Maybe I’m supposed to start school at a later quarter, or maybe God has something else for me that doesn’t involve school at all.  But for now, until I have a firm I answer, I will keep doing what I can and keep pursuing in this direction.  I will get the last paper turned in first thing Monday morning and I will put this all in Gods incredibly able hands.

As for right this minute?  That whole fort and coloring things seems to be a great idea ; )

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