Say What?!

It’s the end of the year already?!  I think I should get an award for the least posts in a year!  To follow up on beginning of the year post – let’s see how I did!



I would definitely like to spend more time in prayer.

–FOLLOW UP — I would like to think I’ve gotten better at this.  I would like to get a couple different books on prayer, I think that might help.



Take more time in the morning. WAKE UP EARLIER. Enjoy some coffee or tea, pray, and check my email/Facebook before I leave for the day.

— FOLLOW UP — I have been getting to work on time, or at least within the 5 minute grace period, yay!! Buuttt…I have not woken up with enough time to enjoy coffee/tea and no time to check my mail.


Happy Together

Be a breath of fresh air to my husband. Be a fun wife. Go out of my way to do thoughtful things. Leave little notes for him. Take out the trash for him every now and then.

— FOLLOW UP — I think this is always a work in progress.  I think it’s important to always try and have fun together and not get so sucked in to the stresses of life that you forget what’s important.



Eat better.

— FOLLOW UP — ummm….still working on this.  We have eaten out much less (haha, this month doesn’t count), but I think we’re getting there.



This sums it up!

— FOLLOW UP — Due to some health issues, I had to take a workout hiatus for a few months.  However, I’m starting to slowly get back into it.



Do more with my hair. This isn’t too big of a deal for me, but it would be nice to actually do something different from time to time, even if it’s just on the weekends.

— FOLLOW UP — I ended up chopping all my hair off and had about 2 different ways to wear my bangs.  It has finally grown back, but also linked to my health issues, my hair has seriously taken a turn for the worse.  Let’s just say Tea Tree oil is my hair’s best friend right now.



Make a quilt!

— FOLLOW UP — I didn’t make a quilt.  But I HAVE picked up crocheting.  I have made and finished the worlds smallest blanket, an almost complete cup cozy (just needs a button), and I’m working on my first baby blanket (not for me) :)



Take more photos and learn to take them well.

— FOLLOW UP — I really haven’t worked on this too much.  I realized having fun and making memories is more important than focussing on making sure I get a good picture.  With that said, I’m definitely still interested and would like to get a nice camera to have fun with.  We’ll see.

(SIDE NOTE) I won a Gopro Hero camera at our Christmas party this year, so maybe I will end up taking more videos ; )

~ Well, there you have it.  This may or may not be my “End-of-the-Year post”, but it’s fun to look back over the year and see how I did.

(Note: thanks for all these photos and inspiration)

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