Deep Dive Into My 2021 Goals

In my last post I shared my focus word and listed my 21 goals for the year. The quote “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you will land among the stars” keeps running in my head because it’s a pretty big list.

I know just because I made a list doesn’t mean anything unless I make a plan, so this is my deep dive into how I’m hoping to accomplish it all. I’m not going to stress if it doesn’t all get done, but I’m hopeful! Also, I did change a couple items. So here it goes…

21 for 2021 List

~ Fun for everyone

~ Go on a family vacation

Mikey and I are in the talking phase of this one. We had the best time going to the beach last year! We would really love to do it again. Mikey will be finishing up school and it’s also hard to know where things will be regarding Covid by summer, so I have a feeling it might be a last minute decision on what we do. But we plan on something!

~ Do something special for each holiday, including minor holidays

Obviously we go all out for Christmas, but I rarely do anything special for the other holidays, especially the minor holidays. SO, this year I would like to do something special for each one.

I plan to…

  • Make a list of each holiday (Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day, 4th of July, etc.)
  • Look on Pinterest for doable ideas one month ahead (I’ve already started pinning ideas for Valentines day)
  • One week before look to see what ingredients/decorations I need for that holiday and make a plan to get them
~ Make a Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter bucket list

This isn’t something new for me. If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you know I like to make seasonal bucket lists. It helps me really enjoy what each season has to offer and it gets me to do something instead of wasting away our days. Plus, it might help me stay on track with this list.

~ Personal

~ Read 12 books
  • Update my “want to read” list on Goodreads
  • Anything goes – ebooks, audio books, and/or book books
  • Pick one book per month (already working on my first book! I’ll update on my currently posts)
~ Start vlogging

Oooh this is a big one and intimidates me a lot. This is something I started contemplating over a year ago and even more so after one of my friends asked me if I had ever thought about starting my own YouTube channel. Since then, I have started to pick up my camera and start mini videos. I’ve been thinking about it so much, I’m just going to go for it. So here’s my plan…

  • Continue to pick up my camera and practice vlogging (it’s weird talking into a camera and it takes some getting used to for sure)
  • Work on thumbnails and learn to edit: 15-30 minutes once or twice/week (honestly, if I can just get through this part, I think I’ll be fine. The more I do it, the quicker it will become. The first video is always the hardest!)
  • Work on getting YouTube set up
  • Pick a launch date (oooooh this is scariest part. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while just for fun. Is fear ever a good reason not to do something?) – I’m thinking March, but if I can get it together sooner, I will!
~ Discover new music and create new playlists

I tend to listen to the same songs but I’ve been wanting to discover more music. I listen to the radio but they seem to rotate the same songs over and over, I’m ready to expand! Music can help pull me out of certain moods and I would like to start listening more.

  • Create a Spotify account – Check! This was something I kept putting off but finally did it! I really like that you can listen to other peoples playlists AND they even make playlists for you.
  • Create a playlist for concentration at work
  • Create a feel good playlist
  • Create a chill playlist
~ Be prepared

Really, this is my attempt to remain consistent in my routines. I started working on these things last year and want to continue.

  • Wake up at 6:00 a.m. (I’m a chronic snoozer, but I finally found the system that works the best and gets me out of bed – although it’s definitely not fail proof.)
  • Get my clothes and jewelry ready the night before
  • Pick out Gryffin’s clothes the night before
  • Meal prep on Sundays
  • Think about things well ahead of time (special occasions & birthdays, holidays, appointments, etc.)
  • Set reminders on my phone

~ House & Home

~ Put together a recipe binder

My recipes are very spread-out – some are on Pinterest, some are saved in a PDF, some are on recipe cards, and some are in my email. A recipe binder where all my recipes are kept in the same place and easily accessible would be a huge time savor.

  • Pick a weekend and get it done
~ Deep clean the whole house

When I say deep clean, I’m talking clear everything out of cupboards, counters, shelves, etc. and scrub everything from top to bottom. Below is my plan of attack.

  • Choose a month & date – I’m picking February 22nd – subject to change. I’m hoping to have it all done by Gryffin’s birthday in March
  • Get my deep cleaning checklists ready
  • Pick 1 room/week (since I work full-time I can’t bust it out all at once)
  • Spend a minimum of 15 minutes every day scrubbing or organizing something (Obviously I will spend a big chunk of time on it on the weekends, but even just 15 minutes/day during the week will at least get me somewhere)
~ Revamp bathroom
  • New shower curtain – Check! Just recently got one
  • Replace blinds
  • Paint walls
  • Floating shelves
  • Paint vanity? I can’t decide
  • New mirror?

Flooring badly needs to be re-done, but that’s going to have to wait.

~ Revamp laundry room (this will be dependent on budget)
  • Redo shelving
  • paint (walls and cement floor)
  • rearrange the washer and dryer
  • Find some décor to spruce it up
~ Replace the deck

This is obviously best done in summer. We at the very least need to replace the existing deck, but if we have the funds we would like expand and put in a lower deck as well.


~ Get a facial

It’s literally been years since I’ve had a facial and I’m thinking it might be a fun birthday treat.

~ Take 12 social media breaks

Even though I don’t post much on social media I am constantly scrolling behind the scenes, mostly out of habit and/or boredom. This forces me to focus and enjoy the life I have right in front of me. Here’s the plan…

  • The first weekend of every month
  • If something is going on the first weekend (i.e. holiday or FB party event), I will choose the following weekend
  • remove my social media apps from my phone from Friday night – Monday
~ Finish my 12 week devotional

I started an in-depth devotional last year and it’s been a true challenge to keep up with it. I’m aiming for this summer.


~ Go on 12 dates

Mikey and I are alternating planning our date nights. The first one is scheduled for this weekend (Jan 23rd).

~ Say yes to invitations from friends

This was a goal I made last year and I’m keeping it! It’s so easy to get caught up with life and responsibilities and I want to continue to make our friends a priority. In turn, this also has caused me to invite more people to do things with us (in very small numbers).

Fitness/Dance goals

One of my Christmas gifts from my hubby was a membership to CLI Studios (online dance classes). Between YouTube and CLI classes it’s been so refreshing getting back into it dancing. My body obviously isn’t like it used to be, so I’m wanting to work on the following things…

~ Perfect my posture

My posture has completely gone down the drain and getting it back is not easy! It’s really just a matter of constantly reminding myself to sit up straight and align my spine correctly. It gets really tiring after a while, but the more classes I do the more it forces me to work on it.

~ Do the splits
  • Stretch, stretch, stretch!
  • Weekly progress pictures – I’m going on 4 weeks in and already seeing progress! The more progress I see the more I want to keep going. Now that I’m in my 30’s I have to work twice as hard. I would get there a lot faster if I would stretch for 15-20 minutes every day, but I don’t always have the time.
~ Consistent clean double pirouettes
  • Working on leg strength and stability
  • Practice makes perfect
~ 90 degree arabesque
  • working on back flexibility and strength
  • practice, practice, practice


I hope your year is off to a great start! I would love to know what goals you have this year!

Much Love,


My Focus Word & 21 for 2021 List

Happy New Year! I hope you all are having a wonderful start to your new year! We had a pretty quiet evening ringing in the new year. Mikey made a delicious pot roast and then we watched a movie (Despicable Me – Gryffin’s choice), and then I was in bed by 10:30. Haha, big partiers over here this year.

Ok, so on with the point of this post.

The last couple years I have thrown New Year’s resolutions out the door. They always seem like a good idea but I have never stuck to them…ever. A few years ago I heard about some people using a one word theme for their year – something they want to focus on over the course of the year.

Over the last 2-3 years I have loosely chosen a focus word for the year. I have discovered at the end of each year that it has actually held onto a theme (however, it hasn’t always matched the word I chose). So, while I am somewhat loosely choosing a focus word for this year again, this is the first time I’m making it official.

It’s “Embrace”.

I originally had chosen “joy”, but it didn’t quite encapsulate everything I hoped to accomplish, while “embrace” did. I’m taking it a step further and making it more of a phrase.

“Embrace with joy”

For me, embrace means to accept circumstances as they are, to slow down and be in the moment, to accept who I am and who God is shaping me to be, and to buckle up buttercup because this year is likely going to be a wild ride, and I want to embrace it all with open arms.

In addition to the theme word I chose for the year, I have also created a 21 for 2021 list. This idea came from Gretchen Rubin’s “Happier” podcast. I’m not exactly sure if my list is set in stone yet, but it’s definitely a good start. It’s really nice to have specific things to look forward to accomplishing throughout the year.

I plan to do a deep dive on the list and go into how I’m planning this out throughout the year. Also, I’m dividing this into sections.

So here we go….

20 for 2021 List

~ Fun for everyone

  • Go on a family vacation
  • Do something special for each holiday, including minor holidays
  • Make a Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter bucket list

~ Personal

  • Read 12 books
  • Start vlogging
  • Be prepared (I’ll definitely expand on this in my deep dive)

~ House & Home

  • Deep clean the whole house
  • Revamp bathroom
  • Revamp laundry room
  • replace the deck
  • Put together a recipe binder
  • Weekly meal prep


  • Take 12 social media breaks
  • Get a facial
  • Finish my 12 week devotional


  • Go on 12 dates
  • Say yes to invitations from friends

Fitness/Dance goals

  • Perfect my posture
  • Do the splits
  • Consistent clean double pirouettes
  • 90 degree arabesque


So, there it is! I would love to know if you have any new year’s goals or a focus word for the year! I hope you all have a wonderful year ahead.

Cheers to the New Year!

Much Love,


Hello 2020!

As every year comes to an end I can’t help but reminisce and think over the past year. This past year comes with a lot of mixed feelings. In the past there’s been a “good riddance” vibe, but this year is a little different. I’m so glad I have blogged throughout the year because honestly I know I would have forgotten some pretty fun moments. This year didn’t quite go like I thought it would…but that’s how it usually goes, doesn’t it? ;)

Starting January 2019 I had chosen a word of the year, which was “Courage”. I had one goal and one dream and that was to start my own freelancing business as a virtual assistant. I have the knowledge and capability to be successful, but when it came time to actually make the jump of investing in my business my husband and I suddenly didn’t have peace. At the time I wasn’t sure why, BUT I knew I needed to wait. Looking back I can see why, but it would take a long time to get into that. Honestly, if an opportunity falls into my lap I would like to snatch it up, but for now I’ll wait.

Looking back my word of the year should have been “Family”. This year, more than ever, that’s what it’s been about and I couldn’t be more blessed by it.

While being miles and miles apart, I have taken a loved ones hand and walked with her down the darkest and most terrifying road of her life…no…road doesn’t cut it…it’s more like full-blown off-roading through a jungle – now that feels more accurate. The things she’s gone through and the conversations we’ve had are absolutely unreal.

Seeing someone I deeply love go through something incredibly, gut-wrenchingly difficult is one of the hardest thing I’ve done in my life. You want so badly to take it away from them and yet your hands are tied and you have to watch them go through it. I have never spent so much time on my knees in prayer. I’m so incredibly thankful that we have a big God and we’ve seen and experienced Him move in big ways.

Some of you, although the situations may be different, whether it be an illness or something else, know exactly what this is like. If that’s you and are going through something similar I wish I could squeeze you and tell you that by the grace of God we will all get through this…one way or another.

While all of this has been extremely difficult, there has been lots of joy and laughter this past year as well. There have been some really amazing memories made with my own little family as Mikey and I took Gryffin and checked things off our summer bucket list! Again, I’m so glad I documented it all because somehow it’s so easy to forget.

After a summer full of fun and laughter, this fall/winter has been quiet and cozy. I’m all about quiet and cozy. Mikey and I have been able to go on quite a few date nights and get back in touch with each other again. We’ve done a lot of kid trades with my brother and sister-in-law to make date nights happen, so that means we’ve gotten a lot of nephew time in as well. Speaking of which, we just welcomed a brand new nephew born into our family this past month! So yes, this year has truly indeed been all about family. <3

As I look into 2020 it holds a lot of hopes and dreams…and uncertainty. Mikey will be starting classes again at one of the community colleges near us. It’s a year long certificate program and then will he continue on to finish his AA after. We’re looking forward to new opportunities that will open up.

While Mikey will be juggling full time work and full time school, I’ll be trying to pick up the pieces in between. We have some pretty fun trips in the works for the summer. I will be jet-setting across the country to Pennsylvania where I will be in a dear friends wedding. We also have a family reunion type trip coming and will be visiting Kansas for the first time! I am also really hoping to make it to Chicago to visit my parents. I’ve also had a desire start vlogging – so maybe I can even take you all along with me! It’s a bit out of my comfort zone putting myself out there, but I also think it’s kinda fun!

As for the rest of the year…well we don’t really know what that’s going to look like, but we’re always excited to see what God has in store and prayerfully commit this year to Him.

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year!

Much Love and Many Blessings,


Hello 2018!

Wow!  What a crazy year 2017 was!  Not only did we have a baby but we also bought our first home!  There was so much packed into the last 12 months there’s just no way I can do a full recap.  With having a baby, working full time, and moving I wasn’t able to keep up with my blog very much (as you can tell), but here we are in 2018 and I’m back!

Looking ahead I’m excited to see what’s in store for the new year.  I’m most excited to watch Gryffin grow up and see more of his personality develop.  I’m also looking forward to working on some personal goals.  I have laid out quite the task for myself.  Instead of focusing on just one goal throughout the year, I am taking on my own version of The Happiness Project and plan to work on a different goal each month.

But before I jump into my New Year’s plan, here’s what you can expect from my blog.

~ Currently posts.  I have always enjoyed writing them and I also enjoy going back to read through them too.

~ Baby Posts.  I don’t want to overload the blog with baby posts, but at the very least I would like to finish up a few.  I will have a baby shower post coming soon and also my labor and delivery story.  I have Gryffin’s monthly updates written out that I never actually posted on my blog (let me know in the comments if you enjoy reading these).  He’s already 9 months so I basically would post them until we were all caught up.  You might find a “What’s In My Diaper (or work) Bag” and a bedtime/morning routine in there as well.

~ Monthly Goals.  I would like to do a recap at the end of each month regarding my monthly goals.  I will share what I did at the end of month and if I felt like I was successful or not.

So here’s my outline for 2018.  In addition to the list below I plan to also choose one book each month regarding the topic for that month.  This is just a rough draft, but I think it’s a good start!

~ January: Be – Rooted 

  1. Go through a devotional
  2. Start a prayer journal
  3. Go to church/listen to sermons every Sunday

~ February: Be – Loving 

  1. Celebrate Valentines Day & our (10 year!) anniversary
  2. Reestablish date night

~ March: Be – Organized

  1. Pick it up, put it back
  2. Set up guest room
  3. Organize laundry room
  4. Set up rec room

~ April: Be – Prepared

  1. Go to bed at 10:30 every night (at the latest!)
  2. Bedtime Routine
  3. Morning Routine

~ May: Be – Mindful 

  1. Live in the moment

~ June: Be – Fun  

  1. Laugh every day
  2. Find fun things to do

~ July: Be – Chic 

  1. Update Wardrobe
  2. Always look presentable (based on the Madame Chic books)
  3. Look in the mirror before leaving the house

~ August: Be – Me 

  1. Read for fun
  2. Enjoy a pamper day
  3. 30 day photography project (if I’m feeling up for this)

~ September: Be – Healthy 

  1. Healthy Recipes
  2. 30 days of Yoga

~ October: Be – Thoughtful 

  1. Go out of my way to help others

~ November: Be – Thankful 

  1. List of things I’m thankful for every day

~ December:  Be – Generous 

  1. Give of my time
  2. Donate

I do plan on giving myself extra grace because I am so busy and I need to make sure my priorities are straight, but it’s nice to have a variety of goals and something to look forward to.

I hope your year is off to a great start!  Feel free to share your goals and/or what you’re looking forward to this year!

Much love,


Another End and a New Beginning



Happy New Year everyone!!

2015 was stocked full of blessings.  God has been so so good to us and has answered so many prayers – sometimes it almost feels too good to be true (I mean, do we really get to go on a cruise next month?!).  Sometimes it’s hard to relax in the goodness, because for so long it was so rough for us without my husband having a job and wonder how we were going to make it.  Being able to work away on our finances and not to have to worry about making ends meat has been a huge, huge blessing.

How We Rang In the New Year

I was able to get off work early, like 11:30 in the morning early, yay!  So I came home, grabbed Mikey and headed to lunch and then to spend some Christmas money.  We wanted somewhere cheap for lunch so we went to McDonald’s.  I don’t know why, but I love their little cheeseburger’s.  I’m guessing it doesn’t even have real meat in them, but whateve’s.

Mikey then wanted to go to the Comic Book shop, so we stopped there first.  I’m not into comic books at all (I don’t have anything against them, just not my thing), but since Mikey was going to the makeup store with me I was more than happy to let him take his time lol.  After browsing around we then headed to Ulta.

I don’t always like to spend my hard earned money on makeup that I’m not sure if I will like or not, so Christmas money is great, because I have absolutely no problem spending that!  Soooo, I got a bottle of dry shampoo that I have never tried before, new mascara, eye liners (buy one, get one free!), Jergen’s Natural Glow daily moisturizer, travel size IT cosmetics CC+ cream and then bonus!  I got a free gift of a travel size It’s a 10 leave-in conditioner, which I’ve used and love.  All in all, I would say it was a successful makeup run.  I’m excited to try it all out, especially the CC cream.

After the shopping we headed back home.  Some friends of ours were coming over so we ordered pizza from Pizza Pipeline- we got a Cheese to the 7th Power pizza and a Hawaiian Luau Extreme pizza.  The Hawaiian Luau was amazing, it has pulled pork, Canadian bacon, pineapple, and bacon pieces on top and extra cheese…YUM.

So our friends came over, we hung out, I played with their baby, we laughed and had a good time.  They ended up leaving early around 9:30 or so Mikey and I put on Arrow, which I ended up falling asleep through.  He woke me up 10 minutes before midnight where I had to fight to stay awake, we watched the ball drop, said Happy New Year, kissed and then I went to bed.


So yes,  that was the end of our 2015.  And now here we are in 2016.  I don’t know exactly what 2016 holds, we never really know what any year holds, but I do know this – I will take God’s “hand” and step into the new year.  I do have goals for the year, but really, I hope and pray that I will live a more meaningful life this year.

This year, I pray for boldness and confidence as I live my life out for Christ.  I pray that those around me will see Jesus.  I pray that all my life’s stresses won’t even be noticeable to me because I am so focused on God.

I pray that I will have fun and take time for friendship.

I pray that I will be a wife that continues to put God and my husband first, and that I will be a blessing and encouragement to him.

I pray that I will stop taking things for granted and count my blessings daily.

I pray that I will use my time wisely.


Along with those prayers, I am setting a couple goals for myself.  Nothing crazy with 10 things I want to accomplish, just 2 main goals and throwing in a third, just for fun.

1. Be more positive.

I tend to be a realist, but I err on the “glass-half-empty” side of the realism.  There’s more to this story, so it might just receive a post of its own.  But this is something I feel that I need to work on. :)

2.  Eat healthy.

I’m not talking of going on a strict Clean Eating or Paleo diet, I don’t have the time for that right now, but I would like to try incorporating a semi-clean diet, eat out less, eat more salads, plan my meals better.  I’ve been struggling with some health issues, which I’m sure my diet has played at least a small part in, so here’s to making better decisions.

3.  Take more pictures.

I hardly took any pictures at all this year and it bugs me I keep saying this every year!  So maybe, maybe this year will be the year I actually have pictures to show the world lol.  Might have to try one of those photography challenges.  We shall see.

So there you have it my dears.  I hope you all have a wonderful new year full of many, many blessings!